Thursday, 21 March 2013

Pigeon a.k.a Merpati in Malay

Salam to all~

I have this story i want to share which happen to me last week.

One day, after volley ball training, on a rainy evening, my dear friend found an injured pigeon. She gave it to me. The bird was quite young and very ill I supposed. It (I do not know if the bird male/female) cannot eat because the are some 'thing' in its throat causing its beak in a weird position. It cannot eat and it cannot fly. That 'thing' is so big for a small bird.

I gave the bird some oats and water because it cannot eat solid food like the other pigeons.
As I nursing for the bird, I try to remove the 'thing' from its throat. Unfortunately, it is not the wise decision to make because the 'thing' is bleeding. Luckily, only a little bit of the thing I tried to remove, so the bleeding was not very serious. 

On the third night, I decided to see veterinarian on the next morning. The next morning, I wake up and see it, and I know it could not hold much longer. I cared for the bird for 4 days. The bird died in my care on the fourth day. I feel very guilty, I could not care for the bird and causing its death. 

After that, I searched on the internet. The bird sickness is called canker. An illness that always attack young pigeon.

I am very sorry towards the bird. I am so sorry bird. T_T