Friday, 29 November 2013

45 minute to know other

This story dated on last Sunday on 24th November 2013. It was when I at Masjid Tanah's bus station, I encounter such a wonderful person. She is a woman, a lecturer.

She came and sit beside me and the first thing she ask me is "What time does bus to Melaka Central arrive?" I said I did'n know either, I rarely went back home.

Then, I sat quietly beside he. "Do you know where is the best nasi lemak here?" She ask again. Err..I don't know. You really like nasi lemak aren't you? Then, we started to chit chat until the bus to Melaka Central arrive.

She ask me a lot of question, "Why don't you further your study overseas?", "What are you doing in Perlis?" and many more. It was a good feeling to chit chat with her there. Apparently, she is visiting her relative in Melaka and she really likes to travel as well to see beautiful places. I said to her I like Perlis because it is a peaceful place. She seems interested.

I think she really want to go to Perlis. Luckily she has relative in Perlis she said. I told her to come when 'sawah menghijau', it will be very pretty. I even advice her that Perlis can be hot, she might not stand it. She even ask what bus she should take on to go to Perlis. She is typing all places I recommended her to go using her cellular phone (not the android one). It is a shame that I did'n ask her phone number, maybe later I can show her around Perlis if I had done that.

What a wonderful person, Kak Sufiya is.
The Perlis's views down here is for her. These picture is genuine from Perlis.